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World Film Institute and S&HPR Joins Forces

World Film Institute and S&H PR Join Forces to Present The Instrumentalist Award

 Gellini and Harris have a new award category within the Olympia Awards to recognize crossover achievement in music

Los Angeles, CA,  July 2, 2014 – The World Film Institute’s Antonio Gellini and S&H Public Relations’ Carey Harris are pleased to announce the creation of the Instrumentalist Award within the Olympia Awards. The award will be given to an instrumentalist whose work has transcended American audiences to demand attention worldwide. The World Film Institute (WFI) is a nonprofit organization which promotes racial, gender and ethnic equality. WFI was established to advance the motion picture industry worldwide and recognize excellence. WFI created the Olympia Awards, a competition to determine the best from all major film festivals across the world. To be eligible for the award, a film must first win at one of the international film festivals. The Olympia Awards has seven categories, Literature, Music, Dance, Painting, Sculpture, Theater and Film. The new Instrumentalist Award is one of the branches of the Olympia Award for music. It recognizes the superior achievements of instrumentalists whose music breaks down barriers between people. The Founder and CEO of WFI, Antonio Gellini said, “for me this award is something bigger than just a statuette, it’s an opportunity to bring cultures together and receive gifts and inspiration that this melting pot called America can give us. This is about merit, recognition and finding beauty in individualism and creativity.” Joining Gellini in this endeavor is Carey Harris, a founder S&H Public Relations, as well as founder of the Best of the Best Advertising. Harris’s firm promotes up-and-coming music artists. Harris is excited about extending his vision to the instrumentalists. “This lets all artists know that they are a big part of bringing the world together.”

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