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The 8 Big Mistakes Indie Rappers Make

The 8 Big Mistakes Indie Rappers Make

S&H Public Relations and Hip-Hop Wired Join Forces to Help Independent Rap Artists Achieve Success

Los Angeles, CA, September 2011 – Rappers come a dime a dozen and the majority will never have their music see the light of day. Still, those who do succeed follow certain basic rules that allow them to get closer to their goal. To that point, S&H Public Relations, a PR agency which specializes in promoting Hip Hop artists, and Hip-Hop Wired, one of the internet’s premier Hip Hop and R&B magazine, have partnered to create a weekly advice column for independent rappers. Titled “Please Listen to my Demo”, this series starts September 7, 2011 on and kicks off with The 8 Big Mistakes Indie Rappers Make. Here’s an abridged version:

1. Unrealistic Expectations
… Don’t think for a minute that the successful artists you look up to are doing nothing but chillin’ 24/7, countin’ their paper, and hookin’ up with groupies. A lot of hard work goes into making this look easy to you…

2. Lack of Creativity
…Does anything about your music make you stand out or are you just copying what everyone else is doing? Genuine talent and creativity are key. That’s what will ultimately separate one-hit wonders from timeless acts.

3. No Knowledge of the Music Industry
…The industry is changing almost everyday. You need to understand this game and what drives it…

4. No Showmanship
… Do you know how to entertain an audience so that they’ll want to see you again? If you’re ever lucky enough to make a name for yourself, your showmanship can propel you to great success and help you maintain longevity…

5. Mediocre Mix
…Producing and recording is one thing, mixing and mastering is another. Just because you know how to make beats doesn’t mean you have an ear for mixing…

6. Sloppy First Impressions
…You may not have a million dollar budget but making a good impression doesn’t cost a thing when you take genuine pride in your art…

7. Poor Online Presence
…Without an online presence, you can officially count yourself out of having any chance of success in this game…

8. No Marketing Plan
…So you got your music sounding right, your image is on point, and your online presence looks solid. But how will people know you exist? A little research into how to coordinate a basic marketing campaign will get you to the next level and closer to your goal…

Sebastien Elkouby, co-founder of S&H Public Relations, says, “Millions want to be successful rappers but have no idea how to get there. This series of article doesn’t promise to make anyone a star but it will help aspiring artists put the odds in their favor. Collaborating with a well respected site like Hip-Hop Wired will allow the message to reach a wider audience of up-and-comers.”

For the full length article, visit and make sure to check in weekly to follow the “Please Listen to my Demo” series.

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