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Public Transitions to The Worthiness Era.

The public is moving in the direction of transparency called the Worthiness Era, no matter if it be entertainment, fashion, politics or beliefs. The way of life that the public is reaching for, will be the dividing line between the past and the future, the old and the new, the transition of thought and power from one generation to the next. The generations of the past will not understand nor be able to see the vision that will allow the public to move forward without a fight or a tug of war as they would say. The more resistance that is put before the public, the more truth the public will reach for and gravitate to. Consumption of quantity over quality will no longer be supported since there is no truth to that past idealism, there is no a need to carry that idealism into the new head space that will be supported and given life. This forward movement seems to be a part of the human elevation that is part of the human DNA and can’t be stopped. The question has always been “Technology Good or Bad” The answer is neither of the two; It is to who is using the technology and why it has sparked them to be inquisitive in any direction to find the truth of all things.

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