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The mental state of the public has drastically changed in recent past. How the public perceives things today is totally different from how they perceived things years ago. The public has transited from the usual way of doing things manually to adoption of technology. Today’s generation state of mind is highly influenced by the available technology. Similar problems that faced past generations are solved differently in today’s generation. When formulating a solution technology is a key ingredient to the solution. The public is moving in a new era in terms of entertainment, fashion, religion, politics and business. The public is considering only those things that add value to their lives. The traditional ideology where quantity was esteemed more than quality is losing meaning. People are going for quality, the worthiness of a product or service. Today’s entertainment and fashion are far different from traditional ones. This is the cut line between today’s generation and yesterday’s generation. The current generation is vigor and energetic. They are going for things that elicit their emotion. If a service does not elicit people’s inner feelings then they do connect with it and consequently they do not consume it. The trend of energetic people will go on and be stronger in generations to come. Energy seems to have been incorporated into the DNA of the public. This would explain why people in entertainment joints are loudly and sometimes uncontrollable. The public loves it when entertainment is triggering the energy in them. The fashion that the public is going for is the one that satisfies their vibe. This should be from within oneself and from others.

Carey Harris

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