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Journey Brave Looks to Unify People through His Music

In an Election Year Rife With Racially Divisive Politics, Atlanta Rapper Journey Brave Looks to Unify People through His Music

Los Angeles, CA, February 2012

Amidst this year’s polarized political landscape characterized by presidential hopefuls flaunting their classism and ethnic biases as campaign platforms, rap artist Journey Brave seeks to bring a message of unity through his self titled debut album “Journey Brave”. Aptly named to encourage listeners to travel bravely on their journey through life, Brave believes that an artist’s responsibility is to empower those with an open ear and mind. While so many other artists choose to stay silent regarding the current social climate, Journey Brave felt this to be a perfect time to speak up and has scheduled to release his album on February 18th, during Black History Month.

”I’m releasing the album during Black History Month because I take pride in being a part of a people who have overcome so much. I also view The Civil Rights movement as a metaphor that represents the internal struggle for peace and equanimity in all mankind. This is what ‘Journey Brave’ is about,” says Journey. With an eleven song offering covering themes such as determination, success, love, and the illusion of fame, Journey aims to speak to the best in all of us. While he’s aware that today’s average rap fan may not be accustomed to Hip Hop music with a message, he also refuses to insult them by assuming socially conscious rap is over their heads. While sonically, Journey’s sound and delivery is steeped in the classic Hip Hop tradition of “beats and rhymes”, he’s confident that his message will appeal to the young and old, Black and white, rich and poor, rap fan or not, and everyone in between.

Journey Brave’s self titled album is available at:
Watch the video for “The People”:

The album will soon be available at all popular online music stores such as iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody.

For more information about Journey Brave, go to:

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