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Honoring Unsung Hero Mantronix of 80’s Music Scene

Los Angeles, CA, April 28, 2014

Chemical Brothers, Skrillex and Dub step artists are popular now, but in the 1980s, one group set the stage. Mantronix was a pioneer of the synthesized hip-hop and electro funk sound. Now Hacker Boi (HB) s poised to release a new mixtape honoring the work of Mantronix. The EP, entitled “Welcome to the World,” will drop mid-Summer 2014 and will be a tribute to the unsung duo.

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This will be the second mixtape from Hacker Boiz whose previous work includes “Hack Da Planet.” The tape is unique among the market and helps give the recognition Mantronix never received for their work. Mantronix influenced a number of musicians, groups and even video Games. However, they remain a footnote in music history. The group had a hit single in 1985 with “Fresh is the Word,” a song sampled by the Beastie Boys for their single “Jimmy James.” Hacker Boiz is excited to share the influence of Mantronix with the hip hop community.

“This is our way of letting the world know what he gave us was something that is great, and that we’re truly thankful. We’re showing the world how the sound he introduced to hip hop has grown, and the new incarnation is known as dub step,” Hacker Boiz stated.

Hacker Boiz is a technology-influenced Group from Los Angeles. They recently promoted the work by appearing at Def Con Vegas 2013, a hacking-focused conference. The music is influenced from various genres, including jazz, R&B, hip hop and pop. As artist and music producers, they embrace a style with crossover appeal. The constant focus is on artistry and to release singles, plus remixes. Hackerboiz also offers live DJ sets. “Welcome to the World” is the first music track & video produced by Carey from S&HPR and A. Scientist from Asiatic Productions, it can been seen on YouTube at Welcome To the World.

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