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Cult California Author’s Work Now Back in Print

Cult California Author’s Work Now Back in Print in New Expanded Edition, as “Young Loc’s On the Westside” Arrives On


The writings of The Legendary Experience have been favored by readers of urban literature for years, and have been republished after experiencing cult appeal in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

LA, CA, January 27, 2015 – Certain African-American authors have managed to stand out in the publishing world and capture the voice of a generation. Among these authors are literary stars like Donald Goines, Richard Wright, Iceberg Slim, and now, The Legendary Experience. This street author has been captivating both young and old with an authentic Los Angeles voice for over 20 years.

In the late 1990’s, readers passed worn copies of his limited-run paperbacks to friends, family, and cellmates, and now these beloved stories are back. The first, Young Loc’s On the Westside, captures the inner world of a cold and vicious street gang, and was written at the height of the Los Angeles gang phenomenon. Readers couldn’t get enough of The Legendary’ s Experience’s words, and can now enjoy them once again, as Young Loc’s on the Westside will take them back to the 1980’s era on the streets of Los Angeles, when crack was king. It’s the author’s very skill at evoking that sordid and intense time that gave him the name “The Legendary Experience.” Young Loc’s On the Westside features the story of kids that live on the Westside of the city, and lived outside the stereotype of other gangbangers in the city. Instead of bandanas, these gangsters wear preppy brands, but brandish cold steel.  “I wrote Young Loc’s On the Westside for straight-up shock value. America has a sick fascination with sex, money and murder”. I decided to take readers on a journey down this path filled with lustful innuendos and let them experience it in a gritty visceral way. I’m going to give it to them uncut, raw, and straight with no chaser. That fantasy has now been changed into a very sexy and gritty reality,” says Legendary. Young Loc’s On the Westside is now available in paperback on and it will soon be followed up the other books in the series. The author has several books to his name, including Moral Dilemma, Dubie the Hustler, A Hip-Hop Love Story, and Water the Bush, and lists Sidney Sheldon as one of his literary influences, alongside Sister Souljah, Goines, and Richard Beck. When he’s not writing, he’s volunteering his time as Director of Operations for Go beyond the G.A.M.E. Student Athlete Mentoring Program.

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