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Australian Producer Creates a Soulful Sound

Australian Producer Creates a Soulful Sound that Speaks to a Global Audience Thirsty for Timeless Hip Hop Music

Los Angeles, CA, September 2011 – Following the success of the Australian release, “For the Rest of My Days”, The Silent Titan aka Tomasz Charuk, prepares to make new fans with the U.S release of his debut album. Distributed through legendary Fat Beats Records, the album that Australian media praised for its refreshing blend of soulful Hip Hop beats and jazz infused melodies is now set to inspire American audiences.The Silent Titan

Tomasz Charuk, who has been making a name for himself in his native Australia for the past ten years, is eager to see how U.S Hip Hop fans will take to his sound. “I wanted to create an album that couldn’t be pin pointed or linked directly to one corner of the globe”, he says. Often compared to iconic producers such a Pete Rock and Madlib, Tomasz simply sees it as a matter of building on the tradition that the greats have established. He comments, “As a producer who has great honor and devotion for Hip Hop culture, I’m here to express to the world through my music with what these pioneers have taught me through their production. The sheer volume and quality of music that they have both created is something to behold and aspire to without a doubt.”

While For the Rest of My Days is mostly an instrumental album, it does feature guest appearances by underground heavyweights such as Oh No and MED (Stones Throw Records) as well as Prince Po from Organized Konfusion fame. Rounding out the project is vocalist Jace Excell, a Brooklynite now calling Australia home, who lends his smooth harmonies to two tracks. Regarding collaborating with such respected artists, Tomasz says, “I was incredibly lucky to be able to collaborate with artists of this caliber on the record. These are artists I’ve been listening to for years. As I had envisioned, they all highlighted my production enormously and I hope to collaborate with all of them again in the near future.”

For the Rest of My Days drops August 30, 2011 and includes a bonus track not previously available. Look for the album at various independent retailers across the U.S. as well as online at iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. Learn more about The Silent Titan at or connect via Facebook at

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